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Other Updates

New Incentives & Financing Options for Businesses and Cities

June 7, 2016

Pacific Gas & Electric Company has announced a change to On Bill Financing (OBF) limits for Cities undertaking larger energy efficiency upgrade projects for public facilities. The financing option, allowing Cities to roll their co-pay for projects into their monthly utility bill over a 30-year payoff period, had raised its cap from $1,000,000 to $4,000,000.

For businesses in Fresno County, companies have a new incentive available to them to further help defray the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. The Hard-To-Reach incentive structure provides assistance above the amount of existing incentives if a business meets two of the five criteria. Any business anywhere  in Fresno County, by virtue of location, already meets one of the five criteria. An estimated 80% of all business in Fresno County will meet another criteria by:

  • Renting rather than owning their business space;
  • Having fewer than 10 employees;
  • Speaking a language other than English;
  • Having a peak kW demand of less than 20kW.

A business is not disqualified for failing to meet any one of these added qualifications. Again, a business need only meet two of the criteria, and being located in Fresno County satisfies one.

Think you qualify but not sure? Have questions? Please feel free to call (559) 476-2503 to speak to a program specialist about your business and learn how to obtain a free on-site energy assessment or to attend an upcoming benchmarking workshop providing energy comparisons specifically for your business.